950mm 8x5 ORION Trailer Crate, Hot-Dip Galvanised

ORION Premium Trailer Crate - 950mm   (for both 8' x 5' Single & Tandem Axle)


Coupled with the Trailer's steel sides, this 950mm Crate gives your trailer an impressive 1220mm wall height from deck to top... an extremely generous space to utilise.


Crate Features


  • Crates open both front and rear for extra flexibility
  • Each of the four sides is removable on it's own, meaning that the crate is easily stored 'flat' against the shed wall when not required

  • Wall legs slot easily into the four strong 'sockets' that come standard on all ORION Trailers


ORION Trailer Crates are fabricated from 25 x 25 x 2.0mm SHS Steel, then fully hot dip galvanised to ensure the ultimate in long-life protection from corrosion.

950mm 8x5 ORION Trailer Crate, Hot-Dip Galvanised

  • Fabrication times...

    Please note that as our stock is always turning over, we may not have the trailer model or accessory on hand immediatley. In this case we'd have completely sold out and need to fabricate your trailer from scratch.   Don't let this put you off!  The time will fly by & you'll be very glad you waited.  Trust us!


    Feel free to call us any time on (06) 376 8918 to chat about stock levels and wait times.


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