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What should you look for in a well-produced trailer?  
Have a read through the following check list...
  • Ask about the materials.  What wall thickness does the steel used on the trailer have?  2.0mm steel, as used on Orion Trailers, offers an optimal strength to weight ratio for the everyday trailer.

  • How's the drawbar?  The drawbar is a key structural component.  Make sure it’s built from strong steel. (Orion’s use 75 x 40 x 2.5mm RHS)

  • Check out the welding work.  Make sure there are plenty of them, all well executed and finished.  Ensure the welds are not ‘porous’, as this equals ‘weak’. 

  • Don’t be afraid to look under the deck at the chassis.  Again, look for solid steel and a great welding job.

  • Insist on a hot-dip galvanised chassis, frame, guards & axle to ensure a long life for your trailer.

  • Check the rating of the trailer; our ORION's start at 1380kg ... a very good starting point. (Also check the tyres to see that they’re correctly matched to the rating!)

  • Ensure that the deck is strong and well screwed down.  12mm treated plywood is a good option on an everyday trailer.  We use Trans-Tex 220 ply on our Orion trailers...  it's waterproof, has a high strength to weight ratio, is easy to clean, has a hard wearing anti-slip surface, and is resistant to most common chemicals. 

  • Look for ‘folded’ instead of flat steel sides.  The folds provide additional strength

  • Make sure the trailer has heavy duty wheel guards.  ...& check that the guards are mounted & braced with strong SHS (box) steel, not just round bar that can bend easily

  • Insist on lots of heavy duty tie-points!  This is a must.  Our ORION'S are kitted with both Tie Hoops and Hooks made of 10mm round bar for superior strength.   Extra tie rings & hooks can be requested in any location, just ask!

  • Look for quality trailer components, including the lighting and a galvanised tow hitch

  • Go for NZ supplied running gear!  Ensure the hubs, stubs and wheel bearings are proven brands sourced from reputable New Zealand suppliers.  ORION trailers run TWL and Trailparts kit.

  • A jockey wheel is a great feature.  Make sure it’s of a high quality that will function well and last a decent time... not just a cheap ‘token’ to sweeten the deal.  ORION's are fitted with a NZ made 'Christine Products' Jockey Wheel.

  • A spare wheel for a single axle trailer is vital.  Make sure it’s a match to the main wheels, and ideally it’s mounted well out of the way/

  • Fold-down front and rear gates provide the ability to extend the trailer deck. Very handy!

  • Look for mounting points for accessories such as crates and H-Frames

  • Ask about the warranty ... find out what it covers. 

    We sell our ORION Premium Trailers with a 5 Year Structural Warranty to give you confidence should anything unforeseen happen.

Trans-Tex 220 Deck

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